Holy Threshold

 “She Who Watches” ©2016 Amy Livingstone

A blessed, healthy, and wildly creative New Year to all! We are in that threshold time with the new year, a time of birthing new intentions and resolutions. I’m taking time to contemplate what is asking to be born through me this year and look forward to sharing more as I become clear around that. Always there is beauty. What is calling you?

Beauty is the Messenger

Beauty is the messenger
Calling love out from forgotten places
Hidden by worry and fear,
And misplaced under the illusion of scarcity.

War, pain and conflict are all too evident
Between border towns, strangers and commuters.
But Love grows exponentially faster.
It IS the speed of light.

So, kindness reaches its destination
Infinitely faster than the time it takes
For the heaviness of cruelty
To chafe across toughened skin.

Beauty is the messenger
Waking up the sense of wonder,
Rounding up our wholeness into connection beyond ourselves
And increasing our capacity for limitless love.

Beauty is the messenger
Proving the incompatibility
Of splendor and malice;
Showing simply by example…
What is possible.

-Deb Rodney