Pulgaria Mandala

“Pulgaria Mandala” ©Amy Livingstone
(soul-symbol mandala commission)

For Jewelz:
When we spoke you said you wanted this mandala to represent your “Choosing Life” and embodying the qualities of innocence, magic and the child in you.

At the center of the mandala is “Pulgaria” your spirit guide filled with birds that represent all species from Stellar’s Jay, Crow, Redheaded Sapsucker to Love Birds and brother/sister Eagle who watches over all. Pulgaria’s branches reach far into the North, to the transcendent/Spirit. The direction of Crone Wisdom. Teal Spider sits atop Pulgaria in wait as your spirit helper.

In the South, the direction of your Maidenhood, Pulgaria wraps her large limbs/roots around you, the white tiger, as she guides you in life, and in your healing work in the world.

In the direction of the East (and the season of the child), is the winged Pegasus, or White Unicorn which symbolizes the bloodline of your Mother. She softens you and is a sweet memory of youth.

In the direction of the West, the water element is present, and symbols represent the season of Motherhood. The narwhal and the rhino. The horned creatures that are to be guiding when the time is right. The rhino asked to be set back in the shadows in wait for you to claim at some time in the future.

Circling the mandala are tiger prints, your prints, that represent your journey around the medicine wheel and through the seasons of your life.

Moon and Sun representing the balancing of the masculine and feminine which is also represented by your astrological symbol for Gemini.

Lime green came through as a primary color for you as it reminds you of youth and the pink and orange together felt like ice cream sherbet to me and are playful!

May this sacred mandala remind you to celebrate and choose life. To remember and embrace the sweetness of your youth and maidenhood as you journey forward as the wise, woman and healer that you are.