Poem for Inspiration

From one of my spiritual teachers in the Buddhist tradition, Adyashanti.

The Innermost Table
You want me to speak of love
and so I will.
But the Love of which I can speak
costs me all my coins of illusion
and so I cannot compromise its virtues
nor quibble over its price.
This Love is Divine Nectar
a wine found only at
the innermost table.
It has seen endless days
of rain and sun and harvest.
It has been made wise and mellow
by the passing of time
and its refined taste
is uncompromising to those
who prefer their wine young
and overly sweet.
Although at times you may
appear to be swept away
by its dizzying effects
you will find that you have
the clarity of a diamond and
the reflexes of a falcon.
You will remain capable of compassion
and ruthless decisiveness alike.
In one hand
you will hold a feather
and in the other
a sword.
Drink the wine of this Love
and your life will change.
Instead of being a gatherer
of the Divine Light
you will be its shine.
It will be the end of you
and the beginning.