altar and art

What is stirring in your soul?
Are you wanting to slow down and become more present to life?
Are you seeking a safe place to express your grief and despair?
Do you long to reconnect to your creative source?
Do you want to find ways of being of service to others?

You were born creative. We each have a creative gift to bring to the world and we need all your creativity to ensure a sustainable future for life on earth. Creativity is not just for the few but any act that is undertaken with a sacred intention and pure attention. Its about the manifestation of a vision or the stirring of the soul to give expression through painting, dancing, activism work, starting a new business, or writing, etc. to serve a larger calling. What is calling you? No matter where you are in life, your work, or on your spiritual journey these workshops are designed to support you on the path towards greater well being, creativity, purpose, and resiliency during this evolutionary time. Practices include:

  • Cultivating mindfulness by taking time to slow down, connect to beauty, and the awe and wonder of creation
  • Engaging in practices that break open our hearts through deep listening and exercises to transform our fear, despair, and grief—both personal and planetary
  • Connecting to your innate creativity: Simple exercises that give expression to both the light and dark by re-visioning art as a healing and spiritual practice
  • Exploring ways our creativity can be of service to our selves and our world, what the late Thomas Berry called “The Great Work.”
  • Remembering the importance of community and celebration

Sample of Workshops and Retreats:

Heart Mandala Gatherings: 2-3-hour Sacred Art Making Process (For your Community Gathering or Event) 
Transforming Despair: A Workshop for Activists (Co-facilitated)
Women’s May Retreat: Art as Sacred Journey (Unitarian Universalist, Vancouver, WA)
Living with HeART: Women’s Winter Retreat—Engaging Creativity & Contribution (Co-facilitated, 2010-2012)
Via Negativa: Art & The Dark Night of the Soul
Art as Soul Encounter: Reclaiming the Artist Within You
Art as Sacred Journey: An introduction to the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality
Healing HeARTS: Gatherings for Women in Grief


“Workshops with Amy Livingstone are always heart-felt and life-affirming for me. They ground me deeper in my spirituality and reconnect me with my creativity. She’s a terrific facilitator.” — Jill Kelly, PhD, Writer and Creativity Coach

“Amy Livingstone’s inspiring workshops and gentle teaching style evoke reverence in me for life, lifting my heart to weep and sing in gratitude for the beauty of our green earth, Pachamama! A bodhisattva of the heart, Amy will call forth artistry dwelling deep in your soul.” — The late Rev. Jayna Gieber, Spiritual Director, People of the Heart

“Even though I had no previous experience with creating visual art, I found this workshop very liberating in its ability to prompt me to open up to ways of expressing myself creatively. Amy is an excellent facilitator and instructor, and I felt easefully guided through the day. The exercises were thoughtful and meditative, and indeed I found myself contemplating the sacred within the creative process.” — Dena DeCastro, Astrologer, Art as Sacred Journey Participant

I bow in gratitude to many spiritual teachers and practitioners along the journey who have inspired my work including Matthew Fox’s Four Paths of Creation Spirituality, Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects, Adyashanti, Thich Nhat Hanh, The Dougy Center Community, Warm Nest Woman, my Canadian tribe at Heart of the World and the Wiñay Taki of Peru.