2019: Interview with Erica Risberg at All Things in the Name of Love
podcast. Transformation through grief and grounding spiritual traditions through Sacred Art with Amy Livingstone. For love of the earth and all things sacred.

2017: Interview with Hélène Stellan at Next Act for Women
If you’d like to know more about my childhood, education, and journey through grief, and evolution as a spiritual artist, you’ll want to check out this interview.

2016: Radio interview with John Shuck on Progressive Spirit
We discussed the role of spirituality and sacred art in activism for the earth, with the ways art can support us in our grief and despair around the ecological crisis. Listen at this link:

2014: Interview with Robyn Purchia at is a news, information, and resource blog for those who believe that we should make a spiritual connection to the environment.

Inspirational Art Connects Our Spirits to the Earth
Amy Livingstone of Sacred Art Studio in Portland creates bright and colorful paintings that illustrate the connection between the spirit and the earth. From the powerful blue lines of her Buddha’s face, to the symbolic Lovers of Creation triptych, her work instills in the viewer a sense of peace — a sense that we’re not alone, that we’re all connected on this planet. In that way, Livingstone is more than just an artist and environmentalist – she’s a spiritual teacher.

Read the full article here.

2004: Interview with NW Drizzle, a Monthly Arts, Music & Culture E-zine
Portland Oregon

Amy Livingstone, Reverence for Life by Kathy Anderson
Read the interview here.