Munay Pachamama


Munay (MOON-eye) means love in Quechua the native language of Peru and is the first principle of the Andean spiritual path. Pachamama is Mother Earth. Within the Inka Cross, the condor, puma, and serpent represent the three realms while the hummingbird is a symbol of joy, beauty, and resurrection.

Limited Edition of 100 of each size.


This painting was inspired by my pilgrimage to Peru in 2006 where I studied the ancient ways of the Q’ero who live high in the Andes in reciprocity, or ayni, with the living earth. Read more about my journey here.

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Archival-quality giclee print
Printed on museum quality, 100% cotton acid free paper with permanent ink.

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11×14" (Paper Size);10×10" (Image Size), 16×20" (Paper Size); 15×15" (Image Size)