Soul Symbol Mandalas

I am honored to have created numerous, personalized mandalas over the years. You can learn more about the personal stories behind these paintings here.

“Thank you so very much for being the conduit and source of art and light for my soul mandala. I cannot begin to express how much the mandala has touched a chord in me. There is a feeling of immense and infinite love and calmness that I feel with the mandala. So thank you so much. I am truly grateful.” -P. Lee, Hope Mandala, 2015

is a Sanskrit word translated as circle. Sacred circles are found throughout the natural word and have long been a vehicle for healing and meditation in many spiritual traditions including Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism (sand mandalas and tangka paintings), and in the indigenous medicine wheel. In Christianity, the twelfth-century abbess and visionary Hildegard of Bingen expressed her “illuminations” of God through painting mandalas. A mandala represents wholeness and can be seen as a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our connection to the Divine and to our interconnectedness in the web of life. A mandala can also be seen as a visual expression of the soul.

In 2001, I began studying the ancient ways of our ancestors and their earth-honoring practices which inform the narrative of my paintings as well as my process. I begin all my sessions in the studio by lighting candles on the altar and making an offering of incense or sage. Having created this sacred space, I pray for guidance that I may be a vehicle for spirit to move through me. For personalized soul symbol mandalas, such as these, I hold a vision of the person that I am creating it for with an intention for bringing forward those aspects of the soul that want to be acknowledged, celebrated, or healed. The process is similar to that of a soul-retrieval in the shamanic tradition.

Bringing together these two ancient healing practices of the mandala and shamanism, I offer original soul-symbol mandalas to support you on your spiritual and healing journey. The process begins with our meeting either at my studio, your home, or via Skype where I will ask you questions and inquire about your life and spiritual path, no matter where you are on that journey. My process can take several months as often it requires trusting and waiting for divine guidance in order to best serve the spirit of the piece.

Size 24×24″ (or larger if requested). These exclusive mandalas start at $1,500, depending on size and complexity. I accept major credit cards via Paypal and payment plans can be arranged. Namasté, Amy